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Notre Dame and Under Armour Secure Largest Apparel Deal in the NCAA

New ND Under Armour Jerseys
ND Under Armour Jersey Preview

I haven’t throw up a post in quite a while, but this one caught my attention being a big Notre Dame Football Fan!  The largest sports apparel deal was signed off on yesterday, Jan 22nd, 2014.  Under Armour will be the new provider for all of Notre Dame’s Athletic Gear!  Under Armour will compensate this Nationally Broadcasted Team in stock over a 10 year period.

This not only adds credibility to the fast growing Under Armour brand, but also allows Notre Dame to put this money to good use in making the University improvements where needed.

Remember “Old Notre Dame will Win Overall.”

You can read all the details and check out more pictures on the South Bend Tribune Website

Scroogled, WTF?

ScroggledThis is perhaps the worst website ever produced by a major corporation,! The video that appears on the website and below this text is also displayed all over prime time T.V. commercials! — Really!!  What happened to Microsoft?  I remember in an interview five years ago or so that Bill Gates admitted fully that they completely missed out on the Search Engine business, when they could have so easily dominated in… back in the day!   When you look at Microsoft and all it’s mistakes over the past 5 years or so, is it just desperation that they now go after Google?  YEAH! … Good luck with that one.

Microsoft should start realizing they have blown so many opportunites…

- Mobile Phone (Apple & Android) … windows Phones don’t come close in the marketplace or (UI) User Interface

- Search Engine… what is it, Bing.Com … either way you lost and it would be nothing short of a miracle if you didn’t continue to fall in website traffic on these sites.

- Operating Systems – Hmmm, this used to be it!  This is what has made Bill Gates the richest man alive and also that a very generous man!  Anyone that has anything against Bill Gates is an idiot!  He has done so much in the world of Philanthropy and from what I have heard will give the vast majority of his current $74 Billion Dollar worth away to his charity when he passes. I am sure his family will benefit heavily, but I do remember hearing that years ago, he  would only 10 million to each of his children.  You do the math on a man who is worth $74 Billion!

Getting back to the point.  Windows 7 showed some promise, but was still losing market share to Apple and was nothing special… just more stable.  Windows 8 and 8.1 (Back to the Start Button by high demand) is really terrible.  They are trying to make a fun operating system that still has a Windows 7 type Desktop.  Apple has continued to crush them in every aspect of the operating system!

- Cloud & Apps - I am not going to spend a lot of time on this… but I think we all have know that iTunes simply dominates with Music, Movies, etc.  The APP Store in recent years on both Apple’s Computers and Mobile devices has made Apple and so many of it’s developers countless amounts of money.  Google is doing an alright job with “Google Play” in catching up.  I believe that Google has the best Browser and with that said Google Play will win the hearts over of many PC “Microsoft” users that do use their Search Engine.

Anyway if anyone has been Screwed over the past Decade it it you Microsoft!  So stop acting like a Politician by bashing a product that has basically the same amount of use as your $250 or $300 computer.  I would take the Chrome Book any day of the week.  Also anyone that knows how to use Google’s Doc’s, etc offline can do the same as Microsoft ‘s Office .  Man… back in the day at least the Apple vs PC commercials were funny… in fact for any computer user that had switched from a PC to a Mac at that time they were extremely hilarious… because the commercials rang so true!

Anyway without further blah blah, here is the low point of Microsoft.  

Nice job partnering with the Pawn Stars, you IDIOTS!!


Funny Ad if you are an Internet Marketing Guy!

I found this tonight while doing some YouTube Searching.  Anyway at the time (Now) … I found it funny.  Anyone who has dealt w / Internet Marketing would enjoy it somewhat ;)

Some Funny Mike Ditka Moments

Mike DitkaA lot of people forget some of Mike Ditka’s hilarious, I mean extremely funny  comments to reporters when he was a young guy.  Everyone still knows he is hilarious, that he has played a roll in a few movies, etc.  While he continues to be one funny guy that is a great skill to have.  An even better skill to have is putting together the best Defense in NFL History… keeping the Punky QB under control and leading one of the best MOST EXCITING teams to a SuperBowl win all the way back in their 1985 season!

Enjoy these Mike Ditka Classics…

Antione Dodson Needs to Meet Up with Sweet Brown

Antione Dodson
Antione Dodson

Now I felt like throwing a little comedy out there today and for some reason when I came across the Sweet Brown Video, I just thought that Antoine Dodson and her might make a nice couple.  I would say it would be doing something like “It’s Just Lunch” … with a couple 40′s!  What could that hurt?  I would drink a 40 or a nice IPA with either of them.  So what do you guys say?  40′s on Me!

Enjoy a quick look at the two videos and you be the judge!



Bust a Name


If you are looking for that Perfect Domain and you don’t want to pay top dollar on some auction site.  Mike.CO, hightly recommends

You can enter all types of words, they will give you syllables, ideas… the whole stretch!  There are a few other services that try to mimic this one, but just as their logo says “You Can still find a good domains!”

I was just using this site and before I forgot about it… I had to throw it out there!


23andMeToday I clicked on a banner of 23andME a company that I had heard about before.  A couple things that struck me about this company is the great service they provide (Which I believe is going to become enormous in medicine) and the great story they currently have posted on their home page.

I love the idea of Concierge Medicine and I love that for $99 you can have a complete genetic test run and then look at your results online and with your Doctor.  This is the beginning of “Preventive Medicine.”  I think 10 years or so down the line this women would not had to suffer for the 15 years that she did and this is now apparent that her 4 year old daughter will never have to go through life not knowing the precautions she has to take with this specific disease.

Take a look at the video, take a look at Concierge Medicine for yourself or your family, there is nothing more true “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything!”

Very High Profile Executives that had serious medical issues paid Millions of dollars for this type of testing.  You can do this for you and your family for $99 Dollars

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